Biden: 'Give us a chance' Biden: 'Give us a chance'... We don't think we the people can afford that chance. Just see how stupid bad ugly evil going on foreign visit (OBAMA 建築設計 WILL FACE DEFIANT WORLD ON FOREIGN VISIT... When your President (If he's in the political side, he must have to rely on his pen to write so that every other side can have enough thinking tank t 賣房子o help him to figure out the best like; if he's in the commander in chief role, he should not even have the shame to leave his office in any time. It is common sense that most Taiwanese man can know and understand what I am talking about, yo 澎湖民宿ur stupid bad ugly evil President Reagon, Bush senior, junior, Bill Clinton, already got too many chance to show you their failure and sucks, and your stupid bad ugly evil OBAMA black skin obviously showed not better than any those white trash ##ChenS wayBen, LeeDoneWh 會場佈置eel, WhoJeanTower? They are all your white trash underground chained slavery terrors trying to dragon down Chinese and Taiwanese. 0therwise, they would have the common sense and good will to keep MouJerDong and Chiang KaiShek good way to lead ##man can know, you dare shamelessly run the sup 燒烤er powerful National head, you must be white trash@@If not white trash, they should at least can have the ears and eyes to hear and see how Carter standing firmly not to copy cat Nixon's crime to leave his White House behind@@ to get that shameless brainless lawless Godless eyeless earless to have that room 買房子 to get in> showed, how dare you marriage treason Biden have the shameless to ask more chance from we the people. When your President or any public office has to rely on personal "察.Yan.觀.Sir" to communicate, your President or that public office must be slavery minded, dare occupy your public desk to suck, must be killed and 澎湖民宿go to hells rather sooner than later; not mention when you talking about personal loyalty, you must committed the crime playing or God or lower your self as human form shit worm; that may explain how come Bush junior and his slave Condi Rice must be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later. Then, why I did not see those impeachable point at 襯衫the first place before Condi Rice stupid bad ugly evil showing her suck in front of that France head? Because both Bush junior and Condi Rice showed personal integrity past, therefore, that good record blocked good better best people's eyes, and evil doers see that just like a common ground, therefore, they must have no idea to see that fatal sucks.)cannot be good eno 租辦公室ugh to use his pen to do the forceless talk like I am doing, he should have the shame to step down instead of wasting your tax payers money to go out to abuse your super power name to dragon down more. You Biden should do your duty to kill that sucking OBAMA   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 房屋出租  .


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